“Anton is a highly skilled and certified (PMI-PMP,   SAFe 5.0) senior trainer and coach, author of several project management publications (> 20,000 copies sold) and executive consultant at Threon BV. 

Based on more than 25 years portfolio and  resource management experience across different industries, he found that for future-proofing your organization it is citical to match and prioritize the right projects to strategy and innovation, combined with a sharp focus on the people required for successful project delivery. 

To support his clients, he constantly focuses on pragmatically tailoring generic, state-of-the-art, global project management best practices (Agile, Plan-driven, Hybrid, …) to their unique  organizational needs, so teams can work together more effectively to achieve greater value.”

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How can you estimate your ideal resource capacity in your RUN and CHANGE environment? 

Estimate resources on Long-Term 

The soft management compontents like human behaviour as essential part in your Long-term capacity planning. 

Deal with Human behavior 

Get the appropriate mind-set and culture, with top management showing leadership and setting the right example and trust 

Guard simplicity

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